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Our Founder and CEO, Jaime Quintero, originally created Ayuda Financial Services to offer financial solutions to educate the Latino community on how to make their money work for them. This mission has brought him great success and has given his clients peace of mind and prosperity. While working as a traveling financial professional, Jamie realized that there was a need in the Latino community for an experienced, bilingual financial professional. With Jaime’s humble attitude, experience, and straight-forward approach, he established Ayuda Financial Services in hopes of better serving the Latino community.

Our Mission

Ayuda Financial Services’ mission is to be the leader and financial educator to the Latino community. We want to maximize your hard work by helping you to make smart financial decisions that will enhance your wealth. We offer an array of services such as: tax assistance to avoid complications with the IRS, life insurance plan selection to ensure your family is protected and cared for, and financial investment management to increase your wealth and plan for the future. Let us help you invest and manage your finances for a better tomorrow.

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Ayuda Financial Services

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